we all have our personal struggles and though times… but disasters like the one ongoing in Japan, on several fronts, sets these in graphic perspective.

I am a bit puzzled why the supply chain of water, food, medical supplies and fuel in Japan itself to the affected areas seems to be very slow and insufficient. Japan is one of the best organized, stocked and logistically managed countries on earth – and most certainly one of the best prepared to deal with natural calamities. 

I understand that it is difficult to be prepared, though, for these three occurences at once;  an earth quake of epic intensity, an ensuing immensly forceful Tsunami and the afflicted damage, with uncertain future impact, to the nuclear plant at Fukushima.

either one on its own would stretch emergency and relief operations, but it’s combination simply has to.  the cold weather and snow fall are adding to the troubles and so does the sketchy public announcements regarding the nuclear fall out.

my heart goes out to all the people affected and bereaved by these natural events  – and wish for speedy and plentiful supply of life’s necessecities, strenght and hope and determination to rebuild their communities

our worries are insignificant and mundane in comparison…

I wish you all contentment and a peaceful weekend

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