just a little note

on the validity of a great idea…

shelf seemingly made it – albeit without my knowledge – into a high end interior design  architecture magazine in Indonesia and New York…

well done then, right?

let’s hope the lava stone cubes attract somebody else attention, too…

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pipajo seating/light/storage display

the last few months of 2008 I created new products with a local natural stone importer and design company.

we converted lava, granite and travertine slabs into “boxes” with cover lids and drilled decorative patterns into them, inserted colorful glass, metal mesh or… nothing.

the stone boxes – for in- and outdoor use – function as seating, storage, lights, display space –whether on or in the box, a beautiful potted plant gains instant centre stage!

they are currently displayed outside the showroom at Sophia Road/Trinity Church Artist Centre Singapore and will also be seen and sold at the Emily Hill Creative Art and Research Centre from March 09 onwards

Trinity Church Showroom (on a windy, rainy day…)

we hope to establish a small cottage industry using and combining recycled and/or rest materials and create new, useful and interesting products, engaging and employing the handicapped and other disadvantaged people of our small society.

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pipajo furniture design

in february 08 we introduced the first of our furniture designs – a shelf unit for the over-sized coffee table books and magazines not fitting into standard shelving units functional but beautiful – with a decorative panel covering the ” boxes” behind

it adds interest and fun to a very practical solution!

please contact us for more information

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pipajo furniture designs / pipajo moebel design

gestell fuer buecher und magazine in uebergroessen

im februar 08 haben wir das erste pipajo moebel desgin verwirklicht – ein funktionales und doch attraktives buechergestell fuer alle “uebergroessen”, die nicht in standard gestelle passen

das dekorative panel bringt farbe und “ruhe” in den raum

eine auesserst praktische loesung schoen verpackt!

bitte kontaktieren sie uns unter info@pipajo.com fuer mehr information

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